Frequently Asked Questions

The world of Permanent Botanicals is new to most people. These are some of the questions we answer frequently. If you have a question for us, please call or email today.

What are Permanent Botanicals?

Permanent Botanicals is the modern term for what we used to call silk flowers. The flowers at Mirage & Bird, however, have come a long way from what you used to see in Grandma's powder room and a world apart from what can be found at national chain stores. Until you have seen Mirage & Bird's Permanent Botanicals in person, it's hard to imagine how real 'faux' can be.

Our flowers are made from a myriad of materials, with top of the line construction, authentic botanical design and vibrant coloring. Our selection reaches beyond traditional flowers to include plants, grasses, sticks, fruits, and more. We also offer preserved botanicals, which are natural items preserved in glycerin.

What about fresh flowers?

While fresh flowers are fabulous and sometimes "all that will do", our strictly high standards demand that we use only the freshest, most beautiful flowers available. These can be difficult to obtain in Southern Arizona, which means that we can only accept larger orders for special events. The more notice we have, the more service we'll be able to offer! Contact Ana with your request.

How long will my flowers last?

Most of our botanicals are designed for indoor living and will retain their shape & color for many years. They will last longest when they are kept out of direct sunlight and cleaned regularly.
Some waterproof outdoor flowers are available as well, which can be treated with additional UV protection.

How do I choose my custom arrangement?

This is the fun part. Ask yourself questions like, where will this arrangement live in my home? What size will look best in that spot? What colors are in that room, or what colors would make a great accent? Do I want flowers, or something more green and plant like? Sometimes it's best to have a consultation in your home, to provide a thorough context for the piece.
Ana will work with you in the shop to give you ideas and to show you an assortment of flowers to choose from.




How do I clean my flowers?

Cleaning depends on the type of flowers. A soft paintbrush works very well for dusting, as does a magnetic, synthetic "feather" duster. A hairdryer set to low, and cool, can work well. A great trick is to put silk flowers into a paper bag with salt and shake carefully. The bag should be large enough to allow the salt to fly around and coat the flowers. Remove the flowers from the bag & gently shake/brush any remaining salt off of the blooms-it will absorb the dust & remove it from fabric-based flowers.
Plastic leaves may be wiped with a soft, damp cloth.

Regular cleaning will enhance the beauty of your arrangement and significantly extend it's life. At the shop, we use a special product to care for your arrangements. You are welcome to bring it in to the shop for cleaning services!


How do I order online?

The best thing to do is to call or email us to ask about an item you may have seen on this website. We can let you know about the price and availability, or if it needs to be special ordered.
If you'd like to order a custom arrangement, then it's best to schedule a telephone consultation with Ana. She will ask you questions to guide the process, just as if in person. Contact us today.