About the Artist

Ana Thompson is an inspired, intuitive floral design artist specializing in customized arrangements that communicate emotion, spirit, and the essence of nature.
She works in an organic process that allows the materials to dictate the creation of each piece, reflecting the abundance of the natural world and the logic of its systems. Her passion for flowers and use of unusual and unexpected materials produce deeply nuanced, textured, and evocative floral sculptures.

Ana owned a successful floral business in Portland, OR from 1993-2007, and worked closely with The Mark Wooley Gallery , interpreting artists' work for their opening shows, as well as showing her own floral sculptures at The Medussa Gallery.
She traded the abundant growing region of the Northwest for the abundant sunshine of the Southwest in 2008, and opened Mirage & Bird in February, 2010.

Ana's floral sculptures are also shown at the Tubac Center of The Arts.

News and Events, Past & Future

Add Villager article from April issue

May 2014: Florists' Review Magazine (national trade journal)
Ana is the featured artist in The Design Table column!
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Or, here as pdf: Page One, Page Two, Page Three

Travel Writers' Resource:
Ana Thompson Designs Botanicals with Intuition

April 2011: Mirage & Bird's Opening Nets 'Villager' Story
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