Preserved Botanicals

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'Once We Were Too'

Ana's summer gallery submission for the Tubac Center for the Arts has a prehistoric, desert-meets-undersea feel. It includes a giant seed pod base, hydrangea, fungi, lichen, protea, plumosum, brunia, palm paddles, river rocks, feathers, and more.
$345 3.5' x 2.5'

One Of a Kind

The hanging vase on the left was provided by the client, with instruction to use colors to match her decor. This piece includes  burgundy salal, banksia protea, miniature lotus pods, and more, in a moss-filled vase.

'Come Forth'

Another Tubac Center for the Arts submission, 'Come Forth' uses formed curly willow, with repens, plumosum, quinto balls, fountain vine and cedar grass for a dramatic, sophisticated display.

I'm Lichen This

The rectangular wreath 'Portland Memories' (left) is an example of mixing permanent & preserved botanicals. Formed from curly willow, bamboo, Spanish moss & Plumosum flower mixed with silk cherry blossom, dark red cherries & a feathered pheasant.

Do It Yourself Elegance

Being located in an artists' colony means being surrounded by creative people. Sharing materials and inspiration is one of the reasons Ana loves Tubac. Fellow artists and the creatively-minded should feel free to drop in a peruse the selection of open-stem preserved botanicals for use in their own work.

Nature - Perfect Forever:

Mirage & Bird preserved botanicals are natural elements that have been preserved in glycerin, retaining their natural beauty. These are not your 70's country kitchen flowers! Many are harvested in South Africa and range from sublimely simple grasses and reeds to exotic, unusual flowers and seed pods. They can be mixed with, or make excellent accents to, silk flowers, be combined for an all natural arrangement, or stand alone as a simple statement in a vase.